Pipe Insulation:

We experienced and serviced in shipyards ports for these pipe insulation as various types of required class under a solas rule .and especially we are supply and installation for pre-formed pipe sections as per existing requirements of pipe with ALU foil or fiber glass cloth.

  1. Steam lines
  2. Hot water insulation pipes
  3. Main engine pre-heater pipes
  4. Auxilary engine manifolds pipes,turbo charges
  5. Auxiliary Engine Exhaust pipes, flanges, bellows
  6. Auxiliary engine exhaust drain pipes
  7. Incinerator Pipes & V/V
  8. Boiler Pipes & V/V
  9. Puf insulations for child water pipes
  10. Arma flex for A/C pipes
  11. Main Engine Manifolds pipes, Turbo charger
  12. Main Engine exhaust pipes, flanges & bellows
  13. Main engine Exhault drain pipes
  14. Pre-formed pipe sections

Insulation for the tanks we are serviced well experienced below the mentioned areas. as per required class of under solas rule covered with ALU foil or fiber glass cloth.

  1. Hot water boiler tanks
  2. Incinerator
  3. Calorifier tanks
  4. Air conditions blower units
  5. Air conditions insulations for suction & discharge
  6. Air conditions square & spiral ducts pre-insulations