Deck Machineries:

Our engineers are factory trained by the Manufacturers and have many years of experience in Crane, Winches and Other deck machinery repairs. Repairs can be carried out in port or during a voyage. Royal Tech can also ensure that required crane spare parts are delivered to the vessel at a convenient port to enable the smooth running of your cranes, Winches and other Deck Machinery.

  1. Mush Room vent overhauling
  2. Ballast tank and Fuel Oil Tank Air Vents
  3. Bollards
  4. Cap stain
  5. Anchor chain calibration and Renewal
  6. Windlass winches
  7. Accommodation and Mid ship gangway winches
  8. Crane (hydraulic, Reprill, Motor sheaves, wire rope)
  9. Weathertight doors
  10. Hydraulic valves
  11. Hydraulic Drums
  12. Hydraulic Pumps
  13. Grab Repairs
  14. Hydraulic grab overhauling
  15. Steering Gears