Electrical Jobs:

Servicing & rewinding of all kinds of electric motor(Ac/Dc), transformer & alternators up to 500 KW Maintenance & cleaning of main switch board, installation of various electric panels & wiring

1. Motors repairs & rewinding all phases of engine Automation
2. Engine Sensors and alarm system
3. Ships dial telephone system
4. Controllable pitch propeller
5. MSD system
6. Cathodic protection system
7.Motor controller & inverter drives
8. PLC for individual system
9. Refit of new Gyro & Radar installations
10. Accommodation fire alarm systems
11. Cargo holds smoke detecting systems
12. Main & Auxiliary engine switch board repairs
13. Bow thruster control & motor maintenance
14. Motor controller including anchor windlass, Engineering Flooding Alarm, Pump controllers.
15. Tank Ullage Equipments Electrical Repairs .