Engine Machineries:

We provide a “one-stop” full-service shop for all your mechanical needs, from a simple oil change to a full engine rebuild. No matter what the problem, big or small, we can track it down fast. Troubleshooting is our passion! We service all makes and supply parts for Engine Machineries.

  1. Main Engine overhauling
  2. DA / Generators overhauling
  3. Turbocharger overhauling
  4. Governor overhauling
  5. Boiler repair
  6. Pumps overhauling
  7. Coolers overhauling
  8. Heat exchangers repair
  9. Radiators repair
  10.  Condenser repairs & fabrication
  11. Valve overhauling
  12. Propeller or shaft overhauling
  13. Tailstock repair
  14. Compressor overhauling
  15. Dredge pump overhauling
  16. Jet Pump
  17. Sand pump overhauling
  18. Hydraulic sliver valves overhauling
  19. Hydraulic rams overhauling
  20. Hydraulic rams piston hard chromium plating