Dry Docking Facility in Chennai Port Slip:

We have a 400 Tons capacity vessel Dry Docking Facility in our home port (Chennai) and we have 30 Tons Capacity Cranes, winches and Other Equipment to carry out the Full Dry Dock for the Ships, We can Undertake all kinds of repairs in our Dry Dock,

  1. Steel Renewal
  2. Blasting & Painting
  3. Propeller Shaft Overhauling,
  4. Cleaning of Tanks
  5. Sea Chest Cleanings
  6. Mud and Mug Disposal
  7. Waste Oil Disposal
  8. Fuel Oil Storage Tanks
  9. Frequent Electricity and Backup Generators,
  10. All Equipment for the Repairs and Renewals regards Ship Building.