Pipe Line Renewals:

Our workshop, in the Port of CHENNAI, Pipe fabrications according to drawings, on-site measurements and samples are carried out in our workshop. Onboard works for modification of pipe systems, new piping systems, pipe repairs, and pipe installation are carried out by us. Such repairs can be carried out in Ports, Anchorages and during voyages.

  1. LNG/LPG Stainless Steel S Bends and Manifolds Fabrication (Underclass)
  2. Seawater pipeline renewal
  3. Freshwater pipeline renewal
  4. Fireline Renewal
  5. Lube oil pipeline renewal
  6. Hydraulic pipeline renewal
  7. F.O.pipe line renewal
  8. M/E Exhaust pipeline renewal
  9. A/E Exhaust pipeline renewal
  10. CU-Ni Oil pipeline renewal
  11.  Stainless steel pipeline renewal
  12. Cast iron pipeline renewals
  13. Sea chest strainer pipeline renewals
  14. Dredge suction & Discharge pipe renewals
  15. Dredge pump suction line renewals
  16. Copper pipeline renewals