The name ROYAL TECH MARINE ENGINEERS PVT.TD (Ship Repairers) has a long tradition spanning over 10 years by providing excellent service in Chennai, India.

We are the first ‘Port of Call’ for many National and International Shipowners, Ship management, companies.

Our expertise and high-quality capabilities have enabled us to successfully undertake Modifications to Vessels, Conversions, Rigs, Repairs and Extensive Refurbishment of Marine Repair Services.


We are the No.1 ship repairing & ship maintenance company in Chennai, India.

We function throughout the Indian major ports. Whether you require our services our workers have Excellent experience at working in (At wharf and anchorage).

We take pride to maintain quality, timeliness and manage the repair jobs in below budget.

We have our facilities at Chennai port to do the pre-dry dociling repairs to save the cost for ship owners & ship management companies.

We can proudly tell you that we are the best ship repairing workshop in Chennai, India.

We are the best ship maintenance company in Chennai, India.


Royal Tech Marine Eng. Pvt Ltd has a long distinguished history of repairing of Ships, Dredgers, Tugboat, Rigs, Tankers, Gas carriers, Passenger vessels, Warships, Submarine vessels, Pleasure Boat, Pilot launch, Survey launch, Oil research vessels, Roro vessels, Car carriers, Vehicle carriers,etc.,

We continuously consult our customers through customer surveys and face to face meetings to ensure the services offered regarding ship repair matches the requirements of the marine community it serves. We are the leading marine engineering company specializing in the delivery of full turnkey solutions to clients in the marine offshore industries.


    • We provide our services at a fair price with the shortest completion time maintaining quality standards. We are a company that understands and cares for its customers and employees.
    • We can guarantee a speedy turn round from a qualified and experienced workforce. Our dedicated, time served craftsmen can provide 24×7 services to ensure all works are completed on time and within budget.
    • Our workshops are fully equipped with impressive arrays of specialized machinery to support our marine Engineers,Supervisor, Foreman, Steel supervisor, Pipe supervisor, Mechanical supervisor, Underwater repair supervisor, Dockmaster, Accommodation supervisor, Carpenter, Insulation,Cladding supervisor, Electrical supervisor,Automation Engineer, Plumber, Class approved welders, certified welders, Plumbers and Electricians.
    • We are doing the hardware to become a No.1ship repairing company in the world.
    • We have long term agreements with many Shipowners, Ship management, Shipbuilding companies all over the world. These agreements enable benefits in regards to time & cost savings as the repair yard and the technical superintendent are closer to each other. It helps in better understanding of requirement & how to carry out work quickly and efficiently.  We can proudly say we are the No.1 ship repairing workshop in Chennai, India.