Steel Renewals:

We have Good experience in carrying out various types of repairs on the hull. We do\Minor steel works such as hatch comings and cell guides to major steel renewal on deck, shell plates, internals, etc are carried out by us in Chennai (INDIA). Such repairs can be carried out in Ports, Anchorages and during voyages. We have carried out steel renewals using normal and high tensile steels, during planned renewals or to take care of emergency situations due to collision or other damages. An experienced team of qualified and Class Certified welders, platters and fabricators to carry out the repairs. Depending on the jobs we deploy MMAW or CO2 welding.

  1. Main Deck Plate Renewal
  2. Double Deck Plate Renewal
  3. Hatch Coming Plate Renewal
  4. Pontoon Door steel Renewal
  5. Shell Plate Renewal
  6. Keel Plate Renewal
  7. Bottom Plate Renewal
  8. Fish Plate Renewal
  9. Nose Plate Renewal
  10. Stringer Plate Renewal
  11. Web Plate Renewal
  12. Face Plate Renewal
  13. Monkey Deck Plate Renewal
  14. Bulb House Plate Renewal
  15. Grab Steel Renewal
  16. Grab Fabrication
  17. Anode Brackets,
  18. Fore Peak Tank Plate Renewal
  19. AFT Peak Tank Plate Renewal
  20. Chain Locker Plate Renewal
  21. Under Water Repair
  22. Under Water Hull Cleaning
  23. Sea Chest Gratings Repair
  24. Echo Sounder Plate & Pipe Renewal
  25. Accommodation Ladder Fabrication
  26. Gangway Aluminum Ladder Fabrication
  27. Life Boat Davit Fabrication and load test
  28. Wheelhouse Glass door Fabrication and Fitment
  29. Accommodation and Hatch Air Ventilation Frames and Doors Renewal
  30. Accommodation entrance doors renewal,
  31. Fire glass door Renewal,
  32. Booby Hatch Coming and Doors Renewal,
  33. Manhole Covers Renewal,
  34. Railing pipes Renewal,
  35. Crane Platform Renewal,
  36. Crane Top Railings Renewal,
  37. Crane Jib Plate and Other Fabrications,