Accommodation Jobs:

As per SOLAS rule, we experienced serviced this stud welding (pin welding)in shipyards .for insulation to secured with bulkheads, over heads, deckheads,,etc.. , to avoid heat substances from sunlight in decks and cabins.

  1. (i)STUD Welding for Insulation:
  2. Bulk Head
  3. Over Head
  4. Deck Head
  5. Hot water tanks
  6. Exhaust pipes etc.
  7. (ii)Insulation

We experienced as per SOLAS rule ,procured and serviced the Rockwool technical insulation(sea-rox used in shipyards)this will often be a combination of thermal control, noise reduction, fire and safety it reduces the heat from the sunlight .Also, we experienced and serviced in naval dockyards with MFMB(mineral fiber marine resin

Board) MFRB(mineral fiber resin board) is used in bulkheads, over heads etc.., especially navy and coast guards. This was approved of ministry of defense sea system andNCD1413 of naval headquarters.

Bulk Head, Over Head & Deck head as per SOLAS approval

1. Fire & Safe insulation (Bulk head & Over head class A-30, A-60)

2. Thermal insulation (Bulk head & over head B-15 with ALU)

3 .Comfort insulation (Bulk head & over head A-15, A-30)

4 .Acoustic insulation (Sound proof is used for AHU, pump from

And engine Roms) (A-30, A-60)

5. Floating Floor (is used for deck with 1.5 to 3mm

G.I shuts) (A-60, B-15)

6. Fire & Safe insulation (is used for corrugated plates H-60,H-120)

7. Twiga Aquastic MFMB (Bulk head, Over head is used for

Insulation Navy & Coast guards)


As we have worked in shipyards experienced well trained persons of this accommodation panels were installation in throughout area cabins with class approval of under solas rule with fire reduction and fire protection in each cabins.

1. Installation of panel profile frame fitments

2. Wall panel

Standard wall panel (B-30/B-15)-50mm thick

(B-15/B-0) -25mm thick

Insert type wall panel (B-15/ 50mm thick)

(B-0/ 25mm thick)

Removable wall panel (B-15 50mm thick)

(B-0 / 25mm thick)

High noise reduction wall (B-30 50mm thick)

Panel (B-15 50mm thick)

  1. A-60 class wall panel (A-60 100mm thick) (Spline joint)
  2. Light weight wall panel (B-15 50mm thick) (High tensile steel panel) (B-0 25mm thick)
  3. Light weight wall panel (B-15 50mm thick) (Aluminium panel) (B-0 25mm thick)
  4. Cable conduit wall panel (B-15 50mm thick) (Concealed wiring conduct (B-0 25mm thick) Panel)
  5. Meat room wall panel (Partitions bulk head between Dry room and meat room) (B-15 50mm thick)
  6. Access wall panel (B-0 equivalent 25mm thick) (B-15 25mm thick)

Cabin Class Door:

To fabricate supply installation for these cabins doors in fire class doors like A-60,A-0,B-15(G.I,S.S,OR ALU)fire doors part of all systems that requires a fire rating with fire and safety as per class and non-class approval.


B.E.paint or PVC film A-60

With cylindrical mortise A-0 (round port hole glass)

Locking arrangements B-15 (S.S.ventillation grips)

With frames

Weather Tight Door:

Weather tight doors were serviced& installation fitments in ship yards and ports. As per SOLAS approval.

1. Water/Gas/Weather tight Door (steel, aluminium)

(i) Quick acting level operated

(ii) individual dog raised

(iii) Center hole operated

(iv) Edges (square Radius)

Unit Toilets:

We worked and experienced in shipyards and refitting jobs with proper installation to be weld and secured.

  1. Unit toilets of sanitary accessories fittings (Shower & bath type)

Outfitting Jobs:

We are experienced to serviced supply with skilled technicians and they were experienced in ship building industries. And do our job with proper installation fitments etc..,

  1. Water coolers (Drinking)
  2. Urinal, wash basin, closets fittings etc.,
  3. Hand railing in steps (inside accommodation)
  4. Step nose aluminium steps
  5. Scarting (Wooden,aluminium & S.S)
  6. Wooden gratings
  7. Wooden dado work in platform
  8. Davit arm & life boat wooden choaks
  9. wooden planks
  10. Wooden fenders
  11. Drag head wooden packing
  12. owning sheets (wheel house, Monkey deck)
  13. (Fibre sheets & Plastic sheets)
  14. Wooden hand railings
  15. window wipers
  16. port holes
  17. Perspex sheet In crane cabin
  18. Fire hose box
  19. A/C diffusers
  20. Fire dampers
  21. Door ventilation filters

Sheet Metal:

To Fabricate the all sheet metal jobs in ships like Ducting, Galley furniture, etc. And we have skilled technicians and sheet metal fabricators were experienced in ship yard and ports. As, per requirements we do all kinds of sheet metal job in ship repair and buildings.

  1. HVAC systems in engine room & cabins decks
  2. AHU blower cabinets
  3. Ducting work : (Spiral & square types)
  4. AHU filters (Foam Filters)
  5. HVAC filters (Mess filters)
  6. Galley chimneys, cup boards, racks , washbasins
  7. Galley Rice boilers
  8. Sheet metal in furniture (Godrej make G.I or ALU)
  9. Perforated sheets (AHU & Engine room compartments
  10. Cladding [Exhault pipes & roof panells in cranes] (G.I, M.S and ALU)
  11. Galley pantry panells (wall & ceiling)
  12. Sopep box drum cover (G.I, ALU, S.S)
  13. Basin store, painting, Co2 room G.I.sheet securing
  14. Cable trays & A/C inlet drain trays
  15. Electrical panel locking arrangements
  16. Electrical panel rubber packings renewal

Furniture Items:

To fabricate the wood are plywood with plywood with laminates,venners,etc..,as,per requirements.and we have skilled technicians those who have experienced in ship industry. And we do all kind of jobs in furniture in ship repairs and buildings. Wood we are using like PINE,BEECH,BIRCH,CEDAR,WALNUT,ROSE WOOD,TEAK,RED WOODS etc..,

  1. Dining tables & chairs
  2. TV racks & tables
  3. Drawer with cub boards
  4. Wooden bunks (Beds)
  5. Glass door book shelf
  6. Sliding door book shelf
  7. Shoe racks
  8. Storage cup boards
  9. Writing tables &chart tables
  10. Flag & File rags
  11. Window panel frames (used for port hole glass inside accommodation)

Deck Covering:

Various types of deck covering in ships which we are experienced and serviced with professional technicians as per class under SOLAS approval and various types of flooring we have done in SCI,DCI,CARGO,PASSENGER,PSV,AHTSV,MPSV,GTRSV,NAVY AND COAST GUARDS.etc..,

  1. Floating Floor
  2. Deck composition
  3. Compound mixture flooring
  4. Cement flooring
  5. Syncolite flooring
  6. Macrotech flooring
  7. Epoxy Flooring
  8. Vinyl flooring
  9. Linolieum flooring
  10. Marmolileum flooring
  11. Carpet flooring
  12. Protection covers
  13. Rubber mats & sheets
  14. Ceramic glass tiles with non-Skid (galley & Bathrooms)

Upholstery Jobs:

To fabricate and stitch a good experienced and skilled technicians we are make as per existing as it is old one or new in ports. +And we serviced installation fitments in ship yards. And also, we are supplied the executive chairs under a class approval in ships.

  1. Window curtains
  2. Crews and officers mess sliding curtains
  3. Chairs, Sofa, and Executive chairs,
  4. Protection covers for Deck Machinery (Air vents, life boats, rescue boat, magnetic compass, pilot ladders, life rafts, etc.,)
  5. Blower covers & hydraulic ram covers
  6. Foam fenders covers (life boat & rescue boat)

Galley, Pantry & Bath room fittings:

We procured and installation fitments for these sanitary jobs we have good marine plumbers which we have worked in many ship yards &ports.

  1. V/V mixtures
  2. Angle corks
  3. wash basin Bottle traps, Pillar corks
  4. Towel rods
  5. Mirror cabinets
  6. Telephone showers
  7. Western commodes
  8. Health wash set
  9. Flush tanks & flush v/v
  10. Vacuum System
  11. PVC, CPVC, UPVC & G.I pipe Modification & laying out.


We experienced molding and lining work in frp&grp in ships. Procedure for lying clean the surface preparation thoroughly emptied. The moisture contents with moisture meter to make sure ideal moisture 4%-10% max. the surface must be scale, oil and grease. Sand blast to near white color. All areas were to be lined with glass mat and polyester or vinyl ester as specified. The resin and glass are worked down with special grooved roller and brushes in order to minimize the surface free of pin holes and air pockets. Before applying the finishing coat, all surface to be inspected to found any pin holes with spark test machine. Any pin holes detected and found would be repaired.

  1. Under water jobs
  2. Echo sounder shielding covers,
  3. ICCP anode shielding covers,
  4. Propeller & stern shaft Coating,
  5. Levelling the surface preparation of bow thruster
  6. Above Water Jobs
  7. Life boats & Rescue boats repairs
  8. Deck & monkey deck repairs
  9. Foam fenders
  10. Conduit pipes
  11. Fire hose box
  12. Super structure lip area
  13. Hatch doors
  14. GMDSS and emergency battery box.


Refractory system we have serviced and supplied of fire bricks, fire clave with fire create compounds were mixed   to gather with water. And these fire bricks were used in galley oven’s, boilers etc..,

  1. Galley oven furnace
  2. Boiler refractory systems


Wooden blocks were secured with instruction of dock masters as per hull bottom structures and well secured by our experienced technicians which we have worked in shipyards.

  1. Wooden blocks securing on Docking & un docking (as per ship’s bottom frames)
  2. Trussel Shifting and Wood blocks packing and securing ( on a hull structure bottom frames)

(Wood & FRP Securing):-
Wooden blocks securing with SS, Nylon, MS Straps